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FOLDER 01. Creating new units

Topic 1: Creating new unit shells

Topic 2: Students can't see their unit after they log in


FOLDER 02. Getting staff & students into WebCT/Blackboard

Topic 1: How do enrolled students actually end up in their WebCT/Blackboard units?

Topic 2: My students complain that they can't log in

Topic 3: Checking whether staff or students are on VUSIS and/or the WebCT database?

Topic 4: Adding VU staff to a unit

Topic 5: Adding non-VU staff (or new staff) to a unit

Topic 6: Can I add a staff member for a limited duration?

Topic 7: I tried to add a staff member but received an error message

Topic 8: Adding VU students to a unit

Topic 9: The 'add students' process failed! What can I do?

Topic 10: Adding non- VU students to a unit

Topic 11: I can't add anyone because I don't have an 'Enrol Members' button!


FOLDER 03: Managing staff and students - the Gradebook

Topic 1: I can't find enrolled students in the Gradebook. Where are they?

Topic 2: I need to deny someone access to my unit

Topic 3: I need to quickly check which staff instructors are in my unit

Topic 4: Sorting student results by campus

Topic 5: I don't know what the italicised marks in brackets mean in the Gradebook


FOLDER 04: Monitoring student use and performance

Topic 1: Monitoring & tracking student use


FOLDER 05: Adding teaching material to a unit

Topic 1: Uploading files to WebCT using File Manager's 'Get Files'

Topic 2: Uploading materials to WebCT using WebDAV

Topic 3: Making links on the Home page (or other WebCT folders) to files in WebCT

Topic 4: I've accidentally put a link on the Home page but I wanted it on a different page!

Topic 5: Creating links on an HTML page which can open files in File Manager


FOLDER 06: Adding links to external resources

Topic 1: Adding a link to an external  website


FOLDER 07: Assignments

Topic 1: My students can't see their assignment details on WebCT/Blackboard

Topic 2: My students need to know how to submit an assignment

Topic 3: How to download all assignments from the assignment dropbox


FOLDER 08: Quizzes and Surveys

Topic 1: Students complain they scored zero despite submitting quiz

Topic 2: Re-opening a quiz for one student after expiry

Topic 3: A student claims the computer crashed during a quiz. What can I do?

Topic 4: Viewing student quiz submissions

Topic 5: Building question banks

Topic 6: Statistical analysis of quiz responses


FOLDER 09: Tools, configuration and system issues

Topic 1: I need to check if a staff member/student is in VUSIS and/or WebCT database

Topic 2: Chat doesn't work in WebCT


FOLDER 10: Miscellaneous problems and questions

Topic 1: I can create an announcement, but can't edit it

Topic 2: Putting my WebCT unit on a CD or DVD

Topic 3: My offshore students complain that they have very poor connection speeds

Topic 4: My offshore students do not have VU ID numbers so can not access WebCT


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